Jose R. Urbina ( b. 1981 ) 

I am José, a visual artist originally from Guatemala, now based in Charlotte, North Carolina. My passion for environmental sustainability has inspired my artistic practice, which centers around the theme of plastic pollution and its impact on our planet. Through my work, I aim to raise awareness about the effects of plastic pollution and encourage viewers to reflect on their own impact on the environment.

I use post-consumer plastics from my daily life, plastic granules, and electronic components to create layered panels that represent the intersection of the natural world and human society. Through vibrant colors and textures, I express my hope for a future where our dependence on plastic will be a thing of the past we will be living a more sustainable way of life. Drawing on my experience as an immigrant and my personal connection to the natural world, my work speaks to the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

By highlighting the dangers of plastic pollution, I hope to inspire positive change and encourage individuals to take action towards a more sustainable future.


 Education: The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago, Chicago IL. 


 2020: Completion of P_001 (The first work of the Perspectiva series).

2021: Completion of P_002,  P_003

2022: Completion of P_004 P_005


ArtPop street gallery billboard,  Norwalk CA

OBRA Collective gallery group show , Charlotte NC

ArtPop inspiration project Lowes home improvement window, Charlotte NC

VozEs Expression “Here to Stay”el arte del inmigrante, Charlotte NC 


Telemundo interview March 25, 2022

https://www.wsoctv.com/news/telemundo/ emisin-318-22-artistas-locales-exhibirn-obras-en- nuevo-centro-cultural/9d5bbc65- c1ed-46bd-8fca-5f0bed474bb7/

Voces Expresssion Cultural article June 14, 2022 


La Noticia “El arte del inmigrante: una exposición de artistas latinos


Awards/ Grants:

Charlotte Arts and Science Council Seed grant July 2022